Industrial biogas

When properly designed and managed, biogas plants can utilize large amounts of organic waste and waste-water sludge from food industries. Examples of industries typically producing useful waste types are distilleries, slaughterhouses, fruit and vegetable processing plants, fruit canning and pickling as well as potato processing. Industrial substrates often have high-gas production potential. Furthermore, disposal of such wastes via an adjacent biogas station can usually generate significant cost reductions to our food industry partners.

  • We cooperate with industrial partners to create advanced biogas plants at little or no cost to them;
  • Our solutions create cost reductions at the production phase by utilizing wastes, which would otherwise be costly;
  • We create cost reductions at the operational phase by providing clean, odor free low cost heat.
  • Electricity from our biogas stations may be sold directly to adjacent industrial facilities at competitive prices.

We have the in-house capability to design, build and manage complicated biogas installations in any location.

Volta Europe BGS invites inquiries from all types of industries which currently generate organic waste and / or have a requirement for heat or electricity.