Volta Europe BGS develops, builds, finances and operates agricultural and industrial biogas stations. Our installations utilize organic waste from industry, farms and municipalities to create renewable electricity and co-generated thermal energy.

We stand behind our investments and technological solutions financially. Volta Europe BGS is actively investing in biogas projects throughout Central and Eastern Europe.

With over 20 biogas stations built and operating as well as a portfolio of new investments in advanced stages of planning our team has extensive in-house competencies in all phases of biogas station development, construction, facilities management and substrate management.

Having developed a large portfolio of investments from their inception we employ proven technological solutions. Furthermore, our process-management and investment-management methods ensure our continued success.

Due to increasing demand Volta Europe BGS is now developing new capabilities to share our know-how to external clients just as BGS Energy Plus and its subsidiaries in the Czech Republic. Our services include:

-          feasibility studies,

-          technological analysis,

-          substrate analysis & laboratory testing,

-          planning & permitting,

-          design &  execution oversight, and

-          advisory services throughout the development, construction & management process.

Annual reports of BGS Energy